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You’ve reached the most thorough, detailed and badass-hilarious steakhouse review website on the planet. Johnny Prime has been altruistically coating his arteries with gunk so that you may learn which places are the best to get a juicy, tender and delicious hunk of meat. Inside the hallowed halls of this incredible website you will find not only steakhouse reviews, but commentary on fine eateries, cooking tips, general meat information, and even a gateway to Johnny’s high end butcher shop. Read on and stay hungry. But first, a warm welcome message from the maven of meat himself, Mr. Johnny Prime:

Dear Steak Enthusiasts:

This is a serious, manly-ass steak blog; a meat memoir, if you will. It contains a wealth of general information about steak and meats, and it also serves as a source of reviews for some of the NYC area’s great steakhouses and restaurants.

Reviews will evolve and become more detailed over time, as I try other menu items and return when new chefs take the helm at various restaurants. I may even add more reviewers as time goes by.

In addition to steakhouse and restaurant reviews, I will also point you to news items of particular import, and I’ll share recipes and cooking demonstrations with you for making grub at home. Sometimes a trip to the local steak joint can drain your funds, so using these techniques will serve as a great way to guarantee a good meal while also saving money. You’ll also impress your friends and loved ones in the process.

Enjoy, and bon appetit, bitches.

Yours in Beef,
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Carnivore Connoisseur
a.k.a. “the Ace of Steaks”
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