5 Boro Burger

I snatched up a few burger-based Groupon deals this week when I noticed that they were offering an additional 15% off with a promo code. The first was for this joint, 5 Boro Burger: $25 gets you two special burger deluxe plates (with fries), and two pints of beer.


The fries were nice, dusted with some herbs and fried to a robust crisp.


I tried the Brooklyn burger, which involved cheddar, grilled onions and bacon.

5 boro burger 3

5 boro burger 4

5 boro burger 2

It was slightly over cooked beyond medium, but I didn’t mind too much because it was really tasty.

My wife went with the Bronx burger, which had guacamole, bacon and mozzarella cheese. Her’s was cooked perfectly, and I think was the winner between the two we tried.

5 boro burger 5

5 boro burger 6

5 boro burger 7

5 boro burger

I’d definitely come back here to try some more goodies. Give it a shot yourself while the Groupon deal is still active. Only down side about this place was the pickle (too sour), and the over abundance of gnats and fruit flies near the curbside seating on the first floor.

80 W 36th St
New York, NY 10018