5 Napkin Burger

I came here to the Union Square location for the first time with a few buddies before watching one of the US World Cup games.

I had a breakfast burger of some sort, which came with ham and egg on top of that bitch. It was really good, perfectly cooked too, as you can tell from the cut shot.

This was exactly what we needed before stuffing our bellies full of beer before the game, and hours of screaming and yelling for our team.



On a second visit I had the classic cheeseburger. The breakfast burger was better, in my opinion, and the bun is still in need of improvements. Switch to potato!

20141104_192251 20141104_192350 20141104_192419

My wife had an asiago turkey burger, which was good but a little rubbery. I guess that shit happens when you eat turkey.


We did try some wings and an app that was essentially a fried pickle and pastrami fritter. Pretty good showing.

20141104_190154_LLS 20141104_190216_LLS

The down side is that they wouldn’t honor the wings or happy hour specials at the tables, despite the bar being filled.

Last item was the smokes shake, which was very nice. The roasted marshmallow on top really brought those flavors home.


150 E 14th St
New York, NY 10003