Amigos Tortilla Bar

This Key West spot is home to some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. For just $12 you get a platter of three tacos (choose hard shell, round soft flour or square soft corn) with sides of rice and beans.


I went with carnitas (spiced pork meat), baja fried fish and shrimp. The carnitas was a bit salty, but it was packed with juicy flavor.


The seafood tacos are topped with a really nice fresh cheese, as you can see on this shrimp taco:


But by far the best taco of the three was this baja fried fish taco. The golden crisp on the outside of the fish was light and crunchy – not bready at all. So fresh and delicious.


The rice and beans are standard issue – tasty.


My wife ordered this baja fried fish bowl, which is an amazing deal for just $9.


The place also serves up some killer nachos and roasted corn. You MUST try the roasted corn, even if it is the only thing you end up trying here. Fucking absurdly good.



They also have a ton of fun hot sauces to light your ass up, and great strawberry margaritas.