Better Than Sex

Better Than Sex is a dessert-only restaurant in Key West that’s known for it’s over-the-top sexual references.


That’s apparently supposed to be a black “member” entering a white booty. Classy!

Anyway I had a “peanut butter perversion,” which is a super soft peanut butter mousse cake with chocolate covered pretzel bark. REALLY good, but can get heavy despite the lightness of the mousse.


My wife had this banana crepe cake, which was really good as well.


We also shared this unique brie and chocolate grilled cheese. I liked this because it wasn’t as heavily sweet as the other items.


This place does a lot of interesting drinks too, like “rimmed” glasses of wine or root beer floats with chocolate and caramel:



The staff here is incredibly chipper. It is SO chipper that it will ruin your sex mood if that’s your goal for coming into this place. The server kept saying things like “super awesome,” and “girlfriend” (when talking with the ladies at the table).

2 thoughts on “Better Than Sex”

  1. What a whiner, so you got a gay waiter, what were you expecting, Steven Seagal? You could’ve just said what you wanna do without being so subversive.

    1. I have no idea if our female waitress was gay and likes to mash her twat together with another female to make fish sandwiches. That’s none of my business. However, what IS my business, now that you made it so, is that you are a piece of dogshit. Go fuck yourself! How’s that for subversive, you useless fuck?

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