Last night I had the chance to drop in for a bite at BRGR with my buddy on his recommendation. This place holds up against the fast casual joints like Shake Shack, Burger Fi and Schnippers.


The decor makes it feel like you’re in someone’s 1980’s style finished basement, but updated for today’s interior design norms.



Good quality burgers, nicely cooked, great seasoning, quality buns and toppings. I had the “beautiful day” burger. American cheese, lettuce tomato pickle and grilled onions. Awesome. Next time I would get a second patty on top.


The fries here are on par with Mc Donald’s. Golden shoestring types, with a good crisp and well seasoned.


The black and white shake is ready to drink as soon as it comes to you. Most places serving shakes make them too think and you can’t get the shit through the straw, unless you can suck harder than Jenna Jameson.


For dessert, I had a hot dog. I was confused as fuck when they brought it out to me.


They split and grill the dog long ways, and then cut the dog in half and arrange it on a hamburger bun. Pretty cool. This one was topped with lettuce, tomato, American, mustard and pickles. Delicious, but the burger take the stack here.

1026 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10065