Chef Anthony’s Smoked Fish Dip

My buddy is a golf instructor down in Florida. His roommate is a chef, who started the Exquisite Bites catering company. That chef, Anthony Ramirez, has concocted an awesome smoked wahoo fish dip that is super addicting.

My buddy has been telling me about this stuff for a while, so over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend he transported some for me to try, from Florida, all the way up to New York.


The ingredients are simple and fresh: smoked wahoo, cream cheese, cream, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, sweet relish, onions and celery, with some spices, seasoning and herbs.


The saltiness of the smoked wahoo is cut and balanced by the cream cheese. The small bits of minced celery and sweet relish add a pop of brightness with each bite.



This stuff is perfect for parties or binge snacking with some chips, pretzels, crackers or breadsticks.


I’m hoping this product takes off. Not enough people are in the know about wahoo and how great of a fish it is.