Clarke’s Standard


For the third and final stop on our burger crawl, we hit Clarke’s Standard, which is owned by the PJ Clarke’s folks. I assumed we were splitting another burger like at the last two joints of our crawl (Old Town and Pete’s), but my buddy strapped on a pair of elephant balls and said “fuck that shit I’m getting my own burger.” I have to say I was impressed with his resolve. Not one chicken sandwich all night long, and essentially two beers per location for a total of six… with lots of water in between to stay hydrated and to beat back the raw onions. HAHA! It was a good night, out at 4:30pm, home by 10pm.


This place has a solid little burger, and the fries were hands down the best of the night.


It’s like fast food in terms of atmosphere, but the quality is much better. Check out this mid-squirt money shot:


They even have some cool decor of old meat scales.



The guy who greeted us was Malik – an amazing, funny dude who was talkative and putting everyone in a great mood. He even hooked us up with some ice cream:


Paulie says "fuck you" to the camera.
Paulie says “fuck you” to the camera.

The only down side here was that Malik said his favorite steak was from Sizzler. My man – I hope you contact me because we need to grab a steak somewhere else together. I bet even sinking your teeth into one at PJ Clarke’s will change your whole outlook on steaks.