Ebike Accessories, Parts & Tools

This page is just a landing spot for all the items I’ve picked up along the way for my Zooz bike. Eventually I’ll supplement this for my Chimera BMX as well.

Battery Straps


Rear Fender


Brake Pads


Zooz Stem Headlight


Click Lights


Origin8 Chainring (44t 110/130 BCD 1/8)


KMC Chain 1/8 112 links


Vinyl for Custom Seat Cover





Front Pegs


Rear Pegs





Bike Lock


Bike Lock

Folding Bike Lock


Cable Ties


Tire Valve Caps


Yellow Duro Tires


Tire Liner


Slime Tire Sealant


Thorn Resistant Tubes


Portable Hand Pump


Foot Pump


Portable Air Compressor


Riding Sunglasses


Riding Goggles

Mirrored Motocross Riding Goggles


Yellow Frame Motocross Goggles

Leather Riding Jacket


Riding Gloves


Leather Gloves

Winter Gloves

Fresh Bruce Lee Kicks


Neck Gaiter


Face Masks


Winter Helmet


Summer Helmet


Motocross Helmet


Floor Mat


Bike Chain Grease




Torque Wrench 1/2″ Drive Size


Torque Wrench 3/8″ Drive Size


15mm Deep Socket, 3/8″ Drive Size


15mm Deep Socket, 1/2″ Drive Size


Socket Extenders


Socket Adapter


21mm Deep Socket, 3/8″ Drive Size


Metric Wrench Set


15mm Wrench


Metric Allen Hex Wrenches


Spoke Wrench


Bike Maintenance Stand


Paint Pens


GoPro Hero 8


GoPro Batteries


MicroSD Card Reader


MicroSD Card


GoPro Head and Chest Mount


Phone Mount Adapter