Food Review Collections

If you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty focused on my steak eating. This is serious shit to me, and my website is first and foremost a steak-centric page, probably the only one of its kind, to boot. All others are impostors. After all, I’m Johnny Prime, as in Primo, A-Number-One, FIRST… Not some Johnny-Come-Lately bullshit.

However, as you can tell by my extensive and growing “Other Restaurant Reviews” page, steak isn’t the ONLY thing that I eat and blab about. One can dream, however… Set goals… Someday… One day, some TV network will pay me to travel the world eating delicious steaks, and that can be my new career…

Seriously though; one must mix shit up from time to time, otherwise face THE GOUT! So some of my other favorite foods include things like pizza, cheeseburgers, and ramen noodles. As such, this portion of my incredible website is a collection of my OTHER, NON-STEAK food focus pages.

Below, you’ll see that I’ve dedicated lots of expensive internet real estate to some of these non-steak food passions. So dive the fuck in and enjoy. In particular you’ll probably enjoy the burger and pizza pages, because who doesn’t love those two things? If you don’t like pizza and/or burgers, send me your home mailing address so I can overnight you a razor blade, with which I expect you to open up your wrists and self-terminate, you fucking asshole…

Beast Feasts

A collection of large format and whole-animal feasts that I and “The Carcass Club” have gorged upon.

Banh Mi Sandwiches

A chronicling of some delicious Vietnamese sandwiches that I’ve put down my gullet. Check it out.

The ‘Cue Review

Is there anything more manly than meat roasting over flames for hours upon hours? Everything about barbecue makes me want to pound my chest like King Kong. BBQ rules!

Burger Blitzkrieg

A massive page dedicated to one of the greatest American achievements in the food world, ever – the burger. I’ve probably reviewed more burgers than steaks at this point, so spend some time here and bask in the glory of burger.
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Food Halls

They’re like shopping malls, but for eating establishments. And they’re popping up all over Manhattan like boners in sex-ed class. Check out this page for my reviews of all these places.

Listen Up, Jerky!

Jerky is just about the greatest snack that a meat lover can wrap his lips around. Jerky is, simply put, jerk-worthy. This page is a guide to good jerky products. Go forth and enjoy your meat between meals.

NYC Pizza Patrol

I’ve got some serious opinions about pizza and its three categorizations. Do you agree or disagree? Click the fucking link and find out, dicks!

Prime’s Page of Parms

Let this be your guide to all things flattened, fried and flooded with sauce and cheese. Nothing beats a good parm, whether it be chicken, veal, eggplant, or even sweetbreads.


Arguably the most well-known if not the best dish in Vietnamese cuisine is the flavorful yet light beef soup known as pho. I’ve been to lots of places. Despite the relatively pathetic showing of Vienamese food in NYC, I’ve managed to find a few good ones.
Vietnam 02 192

The Ramen-ate-r

Japanese ramen is here to stay, and even some of the mash-up offshoots like Italian-, Jamaican- and Korean-fusion ramen noodles are pretty damn good as well. Take a look, because there’s a lot to process here.

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