Frozen Sweet

This little ice cream joint serves up some interesting flavors like taro, Thai tea and green tea.


They do this cool thing where they spread out the cream and ingredients on a cold table and then scrape up the ice cream in these cool log curls. Check it out:

We stopped in here with a gaggle of food bloggers and ordered up a few cups to sample among the crew. Here’s a shot of what the Thai tea looks like:


As you can see, they offer panda and monkey cookies as toppings. They also have face emojis, like this one with the taro flavor:


And last but not least, this flavor is vanilla with banana mixed in, and then a nice money-shot of sweetened condensed milk dripping down the panda’s face. Hashtag cummybear. This is the one that was being made in the video above.


The ice cream here is light and not too sweet, which is nice because you can eat a bunch without feeling like you’re fucking yourself over.

184-186 Mulberry St
New York, NY 10013