German Meat Snacks

My wife brought me home some delicious treats from Germany. Namely: MEAT!!! And meat from a famous German shop to boot, Metzgerei Schlosser.


There was also a selection of German booze, cheeses, spreads, jams, and odd condiment packets:


My wife has no idea whether these meats were pre-cooked, cured, smoked, or whatever, due to the language barrier and lack of information on the packaging. So I will essentially be boiling them and/or grilling them to be safe. Hope I’m not destroying anything!

2 thoughts on “German Meat Snacks”

  1. Hey man, I think those are supposedly safe. Bought a lot of these things in Swiss last year without understanding a single thing written in there and all turned out to be great – uncooked. Would probably ruin all these smoked delicacies if you put them on top of the fire haha.

    Just get some delicious breads ready and you are all set!

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