Harpoon Brewery

Not too much to say here, as this isn’t really an eatery other than the various flavored pretzels that are available. You come here for beer!




My wife and I tried seven different brews. Camp Wannamango (lightly mango flavored, refreshing, but with a strong hop on the nose but not on the tongue); UFO White (herby, full flavored unfiltered); UFO Hefeweizen (light, easy to drink, unfiltered); UFO Raz (similar to Hefeweizen but with a raspberry flavor on top); UFO Big Squeeze (bitter citrus like grapefruit, not hoppy, full flavor, unfiltered);



Hibiscus Cider (Sweet hibiscus and apple with a slightly sour finish); and the Harpoon Trippel (great farmhouse style, strong at 9% but not so bubbly).


Definitely enjoyed this place, and it was way better than the Brooklyn Brewery. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get on a tour since we had to get ready for a wedding.

306 Northern Ave
Boston, MA 02210

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