Horton’s Jerky

I took this bag of jerky down at the airport while my wife and I were waiting for a delayed flight.

It was a bit tough, unfortunately. I think much of the meat was flank or skirt, which is fine, but it just wasn’t very tender and the fat didn’t soften up too much. It was kinda dry too, and made my jaw muscles hurt to tear and chew at it so much.

Anyway, I’ll carry the rest of this over from my Biltong USA review as well, just so you can see the pics and get the full context:

When my wife and I went to Savannah, we saw this sign and absolutely had to investigate.

It turns out they were selling a lot of Buffalo Bob’s products, and I’ve pretty much tried every single one of them already.

I was somewhat bummed until I saw two other meat snack brands that I hadn’t tried yet. The first was Biltong USA, and the second was this brand, Horton’s, which was local out of Georgia.