Ippudo (west side)

I’ve tried almost everything here except for the Hakata classic, which I definitely need to get down on at some point soon.

First off, this place has an excellent selection of Japanese beers and cocktails. I have a photo somewhere… let me see if I can find it:


Next, a great assortment of apps and small plates to get the belly ready for ramen. We had some octopus items (Tako & Eringi Karaage), some fried fish, and spicy bacon shit (Pork Teppan).

20140130_181701 2



Now on to the ramen. First is spicy Karaka-men with added pork belly. This was a great bowl of food:


Akamaru. A little thin on pork meat in my opinion, but tasty.

ippudo west akamaru modern

ippudo west akamaru modern 2


Torishio. My wife had this; a bit thin for my liking, but had good flavor and was light.


Yup. I even tried the veggie ramen. Definitely a soy sauce base with mushroom flavor, and small portion size.

20140130_182329_LLS 2

321 W 51st St
New York, NY 10019