Joe’s Bar

NOTE: This place is now closed.

My wife grabbed a flash deal for this place.


For something like $25 or $30 we got two burgers, a side of fries and two drinks. Below is a shot of the “Scooby Snack,” which my wife ordered. It was their frozen slush drink of the day. In this case, hibiscus margarita.


Pretty sweet deal, and the food was actually good. Check out the burgers:



That bottom burger is called “Joe’s Burger,” which is a patty that’s topped with sloppy Joe and cheese. Lots of meat. My bacon cheeseburger was a slight bit above medium, but I didn’t mind because it was juicy and well seasoned.

The fries were perfectly cooked, and a pretty good side for $6. It will feed two, no problem.


480 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10024

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