KaTom Restaurant Equipment Award for Women

Attention female meat minions:

A friend of mine is helping a huge restaurant supply chain company, KaTom, with their award for restaurant equipment, which will be granted to a deserving woman who is doing something awesome with food. And no, I don’t think it involves anything vulgar, like the age-old urban legend of hot dogs being inserted into various orifices of womens’ nether regions.

Now, you might be thinking that this kind of award would be PERFECT for The Cake Dealer, but I’ve already tried and tried and tried… My wife has no desire to take her incredible baking and creative decorating skills to that professional/career level. She enjoys it as her hobby.

So I have graciously decided to pass this info along to you, my loyal readers. CLICK HERE or on the image below, and check out the video on the top right of the page: