L’Industrie Pizza

First, check out my Ride & Review HERE:

After learning about L’Industrie’s opening in the west village, I thought it was a good opportunity to finally try this place, as the typically long lines in Brooklyn would be bifurcated now that there is a second location for Manhattanites. We still waited about 15 minutes, which isn’t that bad to be honest.

Coming in at around $25 for four slices is absolutely absurd, but the slices were indeed excellent. This is a top three pizza spot for me now, for sure.

We tried a pepperoni, sausage and burrata slice; a fig jam, balsamic, arugula and burrata slice (named the “L’Industrie” slice); a regular pepperoni slice; and a white slice.

All were excellent, but I think one of the two pepperoni-involved slices was probably the best.

Next time I just want to try a plain slice and a burrata slice. No fuss. And I’ve still got to hit Mama’s Too (now open around the corner from this joint), L&B, and Lucali.

104 Christopher St.
New York, NY 10014