Listen Up, Jerky!

Lately I’ve been crushing a lot of jerky in my snack time. I’ve always loved the shit, but since becoming a professional meat eater I’ve come to a new appreciation of beef as a snack. What’s better than jerky as a snack? It’s my favorite thing (steak/meat) but in dry, aweosme-flavored, bite-sized form. I mean… the idea itself is fucking brilliant. What could be better than having more meat as a snack between hot, meat-centric regular meals? Not much, I can tell you.


Look, even the guys over at Hungry Dads have done some jerky testing. This, to me, is important research because it might give some insight into which jerky brands are chewier than others.

Anyway, I’ve decided to set out on a side journey to document the jerky that I put into my digestive system. Again, this is all for your benefit: so you know what to buy and what to avoid. So here’s a quick list of some brands that I’ve been digging lately, with pics and links to my review:

  1. Ascend
  2. Biltong USA
  3. Brandt
  4. Buffalo Bob’s
  5. Chef’s Cut
  6. DiMario
  7. Duke’s Meats
  8. Field Trip
  9. Fusion
  10. Halo Diablo
  11. Horton’s
  12. Jack Link’s
  13. Krave
  14. Lawless
  15. Many Pastures
  16. Perky
  17. Primal
  18. Say It With Beef
  19. Side Project
  20. Stewart & Co.
  21. Sweetwood
  22. Think
  23. Trader Joe’s
  24. Vermont
  25. Vua Kho Bo

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