Mastercard Priceless Table

My wife got these crazy passes for a special dinner beneath a billboard, two stories up above Times Square. The meal was conceptualized by Marcus Samuelsson, as he was one of the sponsors via his Harlem restaurant. Anyway, for $50 a head we got a five course meal, and all money is being donated to fight cancer, so it’s for a good cause.



Check out the view from this bitch:



Me and my amazing wife, The Cake Dealer

Here’s what we had:


The cornbread was served with a sweet-yet-savory tomato chutney and sweet cream. Nice.


Next was a smoked salmon roll with bok choy, daikon, and chili vinaigrette. Fresh and packed with flavor.


Next was the star of the show. A watermelon & tomato gazpacho, with avocado, pickled shrimp, and crispy shallots. Spicy, cool, refreshing, and delicious.


Next was miso grilled bass. A little overcooked, but very tasty. It came with a corn and mushroom dumpling, with wild mushroom broth. The dumpling was a little salty, but still really good.


The final savory dish was lime coconut curried chicken, atop a Swedish pancake, and served with collard greens. The pulled chicken aspect was much better than the sliced breast part. It was very Indian in flavor. The collard greens were okay but something in the texture was a bit off putting. Maybe there was some eggplant in it? Not sure. I still ate every fucking bite though.


Dessert was buttermilk waffles with strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream. The waffle was perfect. Crispy on the outside, soft, fluffy and tender on the inside. Excellent.


Here’s the food truck unit where they were prepping the dishes, parked right in Times Square!

20140718_193321_LLS (1)

Some decor and hashtag requesting:



They even gave us some parting gifts, including signed copies of Marcus’ new book “Yes Chef!”


This was really an awesome experience. So glad my wife surprised me with this.