Pho Vietnam

This little spot is currently my new favorite Vietnamese food joint. It’s nice and clean inside, new-looking, and the food is really tasty. My wife and I tried a few items as a base level test run to decide if we would come back.

The pho: very flavorful, a good size, fresh ingredients. In fact they keep a jar of sliced jalapeños right there on the table next to the chopsticks, spoons, napkins, hoisin and sri racha.




The banh mi sandwich: nice and traditional, great bread, lots of filling and at least a foot long.



Next, one of my wife’s favorites: banh cuon. Really good quality shit here. Nicely cooked noodles, ample filling inside, and good slices meats and herbs.


Last was my noodle dish that had cut up spring rolls and sliced lemongrass BBQ pork chop on top. Simple and delicious.


We will definitely be coming back for more. Sit tight until then, when I can supplement the review with more deliciousness.

Okay so here’s the update as of 2/7/15:

Unfortunately this trip was not as good as the last. The avocado shake was less avocado-et, the banh cuon had grainy noodles.

pho vietnam banh cuon

The other two dishes we ordered contained meat that was a bit chewy.

I grabbed the bun bo hue, wanting to sample the more authentic flavors of this dish as opposed to the more fusion style of Obao.

pho vietnam menu

For $7.50 you get a shitload of food. The bowl is huge:

pho vietnam bun bo hue 2

The unfortunate thing about my order, however, was that the noodles were too soft (perhaps overcooked) and most of the meat was very chewy. For a stewed type dish I was hopping for softer meats.

pho vietnam bun bo hue

I had the same issue with the pork casserole, or clay pot pork. The meat was pretty chewy, but the flavor was good.

pho vietnam pork


Egg rolls are decent.


The avocado shake was not as sweet or rich/flavorful as other times I’ve had it:


But my wife had a decent cup of Vietnamese coffee:


87 Chrystie St.
New York, NY 10002