Randazzo’s Clam Bar

Randazzo’s is a spot I’ve always heard about but never got a chance to try, until now.

My wife and I were out at Coney Island, and we figured this would be a great spot for lunch after getting sand blasted on the windy beach that day.


We started with the combo platter of fried seafood with their famous spicy red sauce on top. It was awesome.

Really, the seafood is just fine or okay, but it’s the sauce that you really find yourself going back for over and over. So we took some home with us.

We also did their fried oyster and lobster roll sandwiches. Both were “meh” at best. The lobster was a cold lobster salad and not a warm lobster roll.

That said, they are expert with frying shit. The fries and zucchini were great, as was the batter on the oysters and calamari.

I would probably go back again, but I’d stick with the spicy calamari.

2017 Emmons Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235