Restaurant Week Deals

NYC is famous for its “restaurant week,” where hundreds of places create special menus for discounted prices. You should do a Google search for NYC restaurant week to find the plethora of websites that chronicle the participants. The deals are usually something like a three course price fix lunch for $25, or a similar dinner for $35. The pricing fluctuates every year depending on inflation, but the overall gist is the same, year after year. It actually used to reflect the price of the year. So in 2002, it would cost $20.02, for example. That trend was quickly discarded, unfortunately. However it runs a few times a year now, and for what seems like much longer than a week (usually a solid two weeks at a clip). Anyway, below is a list of some places where I’ve tried the restaurant week menu, both in NYC and out on Long Island. Enjoy:

carnivore connoisseur