Steak Reviews

This spot right here is your landing page for all of my steak reviews (see my review criteria HERE). For your convenience, and because I’m awesome, I’ve broken this shit down into various moving parts. Steak is something us men can be quite particular about. Not only do you have your “doneness” question, regarding whether you like it bloody or like a hockey puck, but you’ve also got the question of which cut you prefer; ribeye, porterhouse, strip, filet, etc. Some people come here looking for specifics about a restaurant or even a particular item on the menu at a restaurant, while others just want to be pointed in the right direction for a good steakhouse dinner. This is the place you want to be for all of that information.

Steakhouse Reviews

This is an alphabetical listing of steakhouses that I’ve reviewed, scored on a scale of 1-100, along with a link out to each full review.

The Leaderboard

It should be pretty self-evident what the leaderboard is if you’re not a complete dunce. It’s all my steakhouse reviews, but the list is organized by score rather than alphabetized.

Non-Steakhouse Steaks

This is a listing of all other restaurants where I’ve had steaks. Sometimes a restaurant does just as good a job, if not a better job, than steakhouses do in preparing cuts of beef. I’ve scored these from 1-10, based on flavor and quality, and provided a link out to the full review of each restaurant.

Full Points for Flavor

Here, you’ll find a list of all steakhouses and restaurants which served up to-scoring steaks in the flavor category. If you’re all about flavor and can care less about decor, then this is the page for you.

The Cut

This page is for those of you who really know what you’re looking for. Here, I’ve organized the steaks that I’ve eaten and reviewed by cut. So if you’re looking for the best bone-in NY strip in town, for example, this is where you want to go. The great part about this page is that it amasses both steakhouse and non-steakhouse steaks together. As with the other pages, this one also includes scores and links out to the reviews.

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