SweetStuffedNYC “Donut Cookies”

These unique treats by SweetStuffed are doughnut-shaped cookies that are stuffed with various flavors and then frosted on the top.


My first foray into these delicious things cam when my wife won a box in an Instagram giveaway contest.


After that, I was hooked, It’s like that first taste of crack. The first one is free, but then you can’t stop. You know, because you’re all familiar with how crack addiction works…


Anyway, I decided to order a box to share with my family for the dessert table on Thanksgiving. Here are the flavors I tried:



My favorite flavor from the Instagram giveaway box was smores, so I made sure to get one of those.


This baby is just firing on all cylinders. It’s even topped with an actual toasted marshmallow smore, too!


But I felt pretty special when I was told I’d be the first customer to taste the maple bacon donut cookie. I was a happy guinea pig.



Real candied bacon on top, with bacon dust worked into the maple frosting? Genius!

Both the white chocolate and dark chocolate oreo donut cookies are amazing as well. I’m a sucker for anything “cookies and cream” related, so this was a big win for me.



But one of the biggest new sensations in the food world is anything matcha (green tea powder). Cream puffs, ramen noodles, chocolate… you name it, people love it. The same goes for this stuff here. The green tea donut cookie is delicious, and beautiful.


It’s light, but robust at the same time.


And last but not least from my box of six was the dark chocolate with sprinkles. So simple, so pretty.



Everything that Allison Kim (owner/proprietor) makes is on point, so you really can’t go wrong.





OH – and one other standout to me (from my wife’s giveaway box) was the white chocolate rose, with part of your purchase price going to cancer charities (because of the pink):

Super aromatic and floral, but with a good hit of sweetness that you expect from a “pink donut.”

I highly recommend this stuff. Yo won’t be disappointed! And when you order, tell Allison that I sent you. Maybe she’ll make something special and unique for you.