Tabelog Tasting Events

In 2013 I was asked to be a food judge and elite member of Tabelog, US. Tabelog is basically like the Yelp of Japan, only better. Why is it better? Because they want long, informational and descriptive reviews from people who have a trusted food sense. They also have a cooler website with less garbage floating around. Not only that, but the Japanese culture is very meticulous, critical, and exacting, especially when it comes to food. As such, Tabelog is naturally a source of quality reviews.

A few of the food blogger scouts were helping to launch Tabelog in the US. First in NYC, and then in other food towns like Chicago and San Fran. They found me along the way and ever since then it has been great. They host awesome food events at really good Japanese restaurants, showcasing different aspects of the food culture. Check out some of my posts below:

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