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Zoe’s Meats

These chubby little meat stick snacks were good!

Apparently they own or partially own Two Hot Chick’s jerky as well, which I have yet to try. I will get on that soon. But as far as Zoe’s goes, I liked the jalapeño stick the best of the three pictured here.

Tomer Kosher Beef Sticks

My sister and her husband gave these to me for my birthday.

So far, I’m really digging them. I’ve tried pepper and jalapeño. They’re not greasy or waxy, like many beef sticks are. They’re also really tender. No yanking or tugging, like men often do with their hard beef sticks. These are soft. Great product!

Many Pastures Alpaca Stick

I’ve been hitting the jerky hard lately, as you might have noticed. The reason why is because I have a sack of jerky packages and meat sticks from a recent food show that I attended. All these companies were giving out samples, and I grabbed as many as I could carry without ripping the ligaments from my arms. Slowly but surely I am getting through them all, one by one.

This is a unique meat protein: alpaca. It tastes like any other beef, chicken or pork stick. A little less greasy than some. Not grainy, good smoke flavor without too much casing skin. I liked it. It’s similar to some of the ones I tried from “Buffalo Bob’s” – unique proteins like gator, kangaroo, etc.

Anyway this one is pretty good. I still like the flat sticks from Buffalo Bob’s better, in terms of exotic protein snack sticks and jerkies. I think this was 50 calories based on an online search (nutritional info was not printed on the individual wrapper – likely on the multi-pack box though).

Vermont Beef Sticks

These little chubby, stubby beef and pork snack sticks were tasty.

Tough to choose a favorite between the two, but both were low calorie and satisfying.

I’ll have to keep my eye out for more flavor varieties. I definitely recommend.

DiMario Chicken Stick

This is a pretty good sized snack for just 45 calories.

Not too salty, good texture, and the casing around it wasn’t too thick.

I would definitely eat this fucker again.