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Xi’an Famous Noodles

Xi’an Famous noodles are good even in take-out form. My wife brought home some nice wide, flat chow fun style noodles for dinner tonight: one with beef, one with chicken and one with pork.




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I think the chicken was the best, because the meat was just so incredibly tender. The pork was tasty, but a little dry. The beef was spicy and had a more robust kick to it, but ultimately I kept going back to the chicken for the meat.

We also tried some sweet and sour tofu soup, which was pretty good as well:


But the most interesting item of the night goes to this “lamb burger.” It wasn’t really in patty form. It was more like a Sloppy Joe, with loose chopped meat and some peppers, onions and spices.


And what Chinese meal on lunar new year would be complete without a sweet, sticky rice new year “cake?”


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UPDATE 7/5/17

I really do love these noodles. Picked up four on my way home from work. I killed two in one sitting.

24 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036

Ray’s Pizza

Is it just Rays? Original Ray’s? Famous Rays? Or Famous Original Ray’s? You be the judge, because it’s just as confusing now as it was when that episode of Seinfeld aired way back when.

This joint is on 7th Avenue between 53rd and 54th. There are tons of similarly named pizza places around the city, if you’re not aware.


One thing IS for sure though: this place is a total rip off. I paid $8.71 for a plain slice ($3+) and a fresh mozzarella slice ($5).

The regular slice was pretty good – nice sauce, cheese and crust – but was it worth 3X the price of the dollar joint just one block over? No fuckin’ way.


And what about the fresh mozzarella slice? An even bigger rip off. The crust was good enough – crispy and airy, with a good thickness – but the sauce was a bit sweet, and the up charge for this “gourmet slice” was way overboard at $5. Fuck that.


I’m of the opinion that unless you are getting excellent, life-changing pizza, you should never be paying more than $5 or $6 for any two slices on the menu.

831 7th Ave
New York, NY 10019

Joe’s Pizza

I love the pizza here. It’s flat, crispy, has fresh mozzarella, and nice sauce. This famous pizza joint was even featured in the movie Spider-Man. Go here if you are ever in the Bleecker and 7th Avenue area. You won’t be disappointed. Throw some fresh basil on this and it is a perfect pie.


Joe’s Pizza
7 Carmine St
New York, NY 10014

Lucky’s Famous Burgers

I’ve been to two locations for Lucky’s Famous Burger so far: 23rd Street and 52nd Street.


Both locations serve up essentially the same good quality burgers and they even transport well in the sack for delivery. I always worry about fries getting sogged the fuck up when hot and enclosed, with all that fucking steam ruining the crisp and shit, but Lucky fries and onion rings travel extremely well. The burgers are highly customizable, and they even do a solid job with their chicken sandwiches. They offer a few sauce varieties, all of which are good for either dipping fries/o-rings or dumping all over your burger. I particularly like the onion rings and cajun spice fries here (think Old Bay seasoning on the fries). This is one of two go-to joints in the new ‘hood for a burg. Check out the porn below:

luck burg 2

lucky 23 (3)

lucky monkey face

lucky burger


370 W 52nd St
New York, NY 10019