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Blue Seafood & Pizza

One Sunday afternoon my wife and I went on a hunt for oysters in the neighborhood. The first place we went to was closed for renovations (they usually have dollar oysters), but we always wanted to try this place ever since we saw it first open.

They had oysters, so we got our fix. Three east coast and three west coast, times two, so we could each try one of each variety.

They were all great and really fresh. The cost goes down as you order more, so this plate of a dozen came out to $3 each, or $36. A bit high considering we were starting off with the idea of paying $1 per oyster, but we were happy with the quality. A few of the varietals normally cost upwards of $4 a piece. We both liked the Kumamoto style the best.

Next up was their seafood pizza.

This elongated beauty of a pie was a bit pricey at $20, but also very tasty. I don’t mind paying up a bit if the quality is good. The only critique here is that the pie could have used some shaved parmesan cheese to finish at the end, and perhaps a sprinkling of some crispy prosciutto.

856 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019

Half Shell Raw Bar

My wife found a happy hour deal for this place down in Key West: half price drinks and shellfish from 4:30 to 6:30.


We made it by about 6:00pm and put in a shitload of the available shellfish items. Everything was really good!

Raw oysters:


Raw clams:


Steamed clams:


Mahi mahi fish dip:


Peel and eat shrimp:


And, of course, frozen drinks!


The stone crabs are NOT on the happy hour deal, but we did try a few colossal and medium sized claws. Fucking amazing, and it comes with a really nice mustard-horseradish dipping sauce that works well with french fries.


When we were leaving we saw this cool Christmas tree made from crab and lobster traps. Very cool!