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Golden Flake Chicharrones

My wife and I tried these pork rinds when we were in New Orleans. My snack obsession was satisfied with these delicious chicharrones that were flavored with Louisiana hot sauce.

I can eat pork skins all day, and I definitely recommend these if you come across them.

The End Hot Sauce

Pepper Palace on Chartres Street in New Orleans sells a proprietary reaper pepper and habanero sauce called “The End.”

It’s probably the hottest sauce I’ve ever had, and I can fucking take the heat like a goddamn champ when it comes to spicy shit. I had to sign a waiver before trying it. Allow me to describe what happened:

I took a small plastic spoon of the shit, maybe a third of the size you get when you take a sample of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Just a dot, really. I placed it on my tongue and my mouth lit up with heat. To my surprise it actually had a nice smoky flavor to it. I experienced a jolt of energy, as if I just slammed a shot of strong espresso. That vibrance lasted almost a half an hour. When I swallowed the stuff, it warmed the inside of my body, as if I could feel it making contact with every surface of my digestive system from my mouth down to my stomach. Heartburn, almost. Slightly painful.

Luckily I didn’t get any on my lips, and most of it stayed on my tongue before going down. I also didn’t develop any hiccoughs, to my surprise. But I can tell you that this sauce is pure insanity. If you’ve got the balls, give it a try. On our trip to New Orleans, we tried a lot of so called “crazy spicy” sauces, made with ghost peppers and reapers, but nothing came close to this shit. Crazy.

In case you’re wondering, New Orleans is famous for hot sauce. There are dozens of majorly famous brands that call the region home, such as Tabasco, Crystal and Louisiana Hot (obviously). When you walk the streets here, you are bombarded with all sorts of hot sauces for sale. I love it.

Outer Limits Hot Sauce

Outer Limits sent me an awesome four pack of their hot sauces to try out: Habanero, Jalapeño Habanero, Jalapeño Lime and Serrano Cilantro.

My favorite is the Habenero sauce. It’s really great for things like tacos or for spicing up pasta dishes. The heat is a nice up-front pop that doesn’t linger or kill your taste buds.

If heat isn’t your thing, then go with the Serrano Cilantro sauce. It delivers a nice, fresh, herby green kick without any of the sweat that you normally get from a hot sauce.

I highly recommend these sauces.

Fix Sriracha Hot Sauce

The sriracha sauce market is completely dominated by the very popular and much-loved Huy Fong sauce. It’s a staple on the table at any stateside Vietnamese restaurant, and it is fast becoming as household-common as ketchup in the US.

Many companies have tried to jump on the sriracha bandwagon to produce this particular style of hot sauce, desperately trying to compete with the monopoly that Huy Fong enjoys. Most are a miserable failure, and many are blatantly bordering on trademark infringement with the use of roosters and other shit that’s really similar to Huy Fong’s logo, look and bottle style.

Fix is not one of those competitors. They have embraced their own bottle style and logo. But more importantly, they have created a taste that rivals Huy Fong, if not matches it completely.


This stuff is good. It has a pleasing taste, with a good, strong, lingering heat. It’s not too salty or garlicky, and the bottle style is great because the sauce doesn’t get gunked up in the nozzle the way it does with Huy Fong. Fix’s wider opening allows for easier, non-squirt bottle pouring. The wider dispenser is welcomed, too, because we all love to douse our food with this shit. But the cool thing is that it simultaneously solves the problem of getting rid of the sauce crud build up that is so common with Huy Fong.


One could even go so far as to say that it “FIXes” the problems that consumers have with Huy Fong. Get it? Wow. I’m good.


Finally, another benefit you get with Fix is the fact that their stuff is made with organic peppers, without artificial ingredients and without processed foods. You can count the ingredients on one hand! Not that it matters to me, because I don’t care about that stuff… but like I said, the flavor is on point, so if this stuff matters to you, then Fix is a product upon which you should keep your eyes.


In any case, I recommend this product if you’re looking to avoid the Huy Fong price surge that’s been happening, or if, like me, you aren’t a big fan of the Huy Fong bottle style and dispenser. You can get your fix with Fix. Hayooooo!