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Zafi’s Luncheonette

Zafi’s Luncheonette is a small, old school counter-service diner on the lower east side.

They do have some regular seating, but the counter is the best way to enjoy an old school diner like this. If indoor dining resumes in NYC, you’ll be able to pop a squat there with spacing between stools.

I had their burger, which was meh at best, but the vanilla milk shake made it all worth while. That thing was absolutely perfect.

I’ll be back here to work my way through some of their more traditional diner menu items, like a gyro, club sandwich, chopped steak, etc. Hopefully they will all be better than the burger.

Stay tuned…

500 Grand St
New York, NY 10002


I had heard mixed reviews of this place before going in for a burger, but I have to say: the old timey, class American diner look of the place really drew me in. How can you say no to an exterior like this:

They’re serving all grass fed beef in their burgers, so I was skeptical.

I probably should have ordered medium rare to avoid the slight grainy texture that I experienced, but over all this was a really tasty burger.

The special they were slinging for the few days that I was in town was a romesco burger, topped with romesco sauce (red pepper and pine nuts), smoked mozz, and basil. Very nice Italian style burger.

My wife had a bowl of potato soup, as she was feeling a bit full still from our prior evening of BBQ food, but I added a birch beer float to the mix. Incredibly delicious.

See that? They even have a jukebox in the background (CDs -not vinyl), and they round out the 1950’s theme with some old hamburger ad signage too.

717 Warren St
Hudson, NY 12534

Steak & Shake


I love that I live about half a dozen streets away from this little spot. The food is so cheap and so good at this midwest import joint. Lots of people give this place the old “ehh, it’s okay” treatment, but people… come on… The burger patty is thin. So what? There are two of them, and they have such a delicious crispy coating of grill mess that the flavor is out of this fucking world.

steak and shake (4)

Shakes are really good, and fries are thin but natural style, with the skin on some. Very nicely seasoned and crisp. Go online and buy a $20 gift card and they throw in an extra $5 on the house. Can’t beat that shit in my eyes.

steak and shake (2)

steak and shake

The Frisco Melt and Steakburger are solid secondary menu choices as well:


1695 Broadway
New York, NY 10019