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Chick n Skins

These snacks are amazing!

My wife and I have been crisping up our chicken skin into chips like this for years, ever since we found some chicken skin bag snacks in Hawaii a while back that we liked. But that brand went stale and took on a weird taste very fast. We had to throw a bunch away, unfortunately. Ultimately they were just too greasy and not packaged well.

This product, however, is a different story.

Each bag has a salt packet inside to absorb excess moisture and prevent spoilage or overly greasy “discharge.” They also seem less fatty or fried than the other brands we have tried, and less aggressive with the salt content. Also, great flavor variety! I highly recommend this snack.

Aufschnitt Meats

These Aufschnitt meat bars are really good.

I tried a few flavors at a trade show and was hooked. This pineapple one is killer. If you see these, pick some up! You won’t be disappointed.

Kize Bars

I recently got one of these Kize energy/protein bars from a trade show as a sample.

It’s a bit small and still has a bunch of calories (200), but it was nice and peanut buttery. Tasty.

I probably wouldn’t pick this up on my own simply because they are not fulfilling enough for a snack to hold me over between meals. I need something more substantial. But if you aren’t watching your caloric intake, these are very easy to crush. I could have taken down five or six with ease. And the good thing is that a portion of each sale goes to help those in need. That’s nice.

RX Bars

Chalk this up to successful targeted Facebook marketing campaigns. I first learned of this snack bar through an ad on Facebook. The label caught my eye: bold typeface listing all of the ingredients, and there were just four. Egg whites. Dates. Almonds. Cashews.

Good numbers as far as nutrients go, and the ingredient label pretty much checked out.

I saw them in Walgreens on sale, two for $5, so I picked up four of them (three flavors – blueberry, chocolate chip, and chocolate sea salt – I doubled up on the blueberry).

They’re all really good. They’re chewy, so expect to pick some bits off the surfaces of your teeth in the subsequent 20 minutes or so after eating.

Worth it though, for a nice change-up to the snack bars I’ve been eating. It was a toss up in terms of my favorite – all were good, and I’d buy them all again.

Chef Anthony’s Smoked Fish Dip

My buddy is a golf instructor down in Florida. His roommate is a chef, who started the Exquisite Bites catering company. That chef, Anthony Ramirez, has concocted an awesome smoked wahoo fish dip that is super addicting.

My buddy has been telling me about this stuff for a while, so over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend he transported some for me to try, from Florida, all the way up to New York.


The ingredients are simple and fresh: smoked wahoo, cream cheese, cream, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, sweet relish, onions and celery, with some spices, seasoning and herbs.


The saltiness of the smoked wahoo is cut and balanced by the cream cheese. The small bits of minced celery and sweet relish add a pop of brightness with each bite.



This stuff is perfect for parties or binge snacking with some chips, pretzels, crackers or breadsticks.


I’m hoping this product takes off. Not enough people are in the know about wahoo and how great of a fish it is.

Asian Popcorn

Nothing too crazy about this “recipe.” It’s just a great, simple way to take your couch potato movie nights and Netflix binge weekends to the next level.

The most basic form of this would be to just add some sesame oil and soy sauce to your melted butter, and then sprinkle generously on your popcorn with a little bit of Chinese five spice, garlic powder, salt and toasted sesame seeds (regular seeds are fine too). Add or remove ingredients as you see fit, but this general set of shit will give your snack a distinct Asian flavor profile, chock full of earthy goodness. I love it, and it beats the movie theater version by miles.

I usually make popcorn with a hot air popper and then add my seasonings, but you can simmer your kernels in the sesame oil if that’s your thing. The addition of pots and pans into my popcorn snacking is just too much clean up for my blood! Worst case, just add the additional seasonings to a bag of microwave popcorn.

If you like spicy heat, then add some chili flakes or cayenne pepper as well. Feel free to get creative with this. For example, I’m generally not a huge fan of nori, but I would imagine that those who do like it might want to crunch up some dried seaweed paper into flakes and shake that up with the mixture as well.  Shit, I may try some fish sauce and cilantro on my next batch for a Vietnamese/Thai kick.

Epic Meat Bars

My wife’s uncle told me about these snack bars near the checkout at Whole Foods, so I picked up one of each flavor that I could find: turkey with almond and cherry; lamb with currant and mint; uncured bacon and pork; beef with habanero and cherry; and bison with bacon and cranberry.


I first tried the uncured bacon and pork bar. It was similar to a spam type thing. It had a smoked pork flavor, but it was a bit salty and I wasn’t overwhelmed with joy.

Next was the Beef with habanero and cherry. This description had promise. I was expecting some heat from the habanero but it was a bit flat. Also, unfortunately, the texture of this bar was a bit grainy. I suppose if I had approached it with the expectation of a soft, moist beef jerky, then I might have been happier with it.

The lamb bar was really good. It wasn’t gamey or heavy. It was light, had a good flavor and was satisfying.

Then I tried the turkey bar. This was nice and smoky. It has a slight grainy texture, but it was very enjoyable. The smoke, combined with the sweetness and vibrant cranberry, made for a dynamic flavor combination.

Last was the bison. The bacon was subtle, and a very nice addition to the bar. The sweetness of the cranberry again made for a juicy flavor pop. This bar wasn’t grainy at all, so I think i tended up being my favorite.

One thing I did notice with these bars (all but the turkey) is that every so often you get a bite of rubbery cartilage bits that are unsavory. I guess it is to be expected with a sausage-like product.

Chocolate Donut Tacos

This is simple and fucking delicious. But make this your only calories for the day, since it is a fat guy snack for sure.


Step 1
Flatten a glazed donut with a rolling pin. Don’t mash it.



Step 2
Add a dollop of chocolate pudding on top to be the main filling (or you can use Greek yogurt if you want to be a healthy dick about it).

Step 3
Sprinkle on some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, shredded coconut, and chopped almonds or cashews. Also add a strip of bacon, that is, if you have massive testicles swinging between your legs.


Step 4
Drizzle some sweetened condensed milk across your mountain of yum.

Step 5
Fold in half and eat it, taco style.


I was happy to see that Hungry Dad Hugh Gallon made these at home one day, and he put together a nice image of his process. Is that Yoohoo in there? NICE ADDITION!!!

kevins chocolate donut tacos