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Fix Sriracha Hot Sauce

The sriracha sauce market is completely dominated by the very popular and much-loved Huy Fong sauce. It’s a staple on the table at any stateside Vietnamese restaurant, and it is fast becoming as household-common as ketchup in the US.

Many companies have tried to jump on the sriracha bandwagon to produce this particular style of hot sauce, desperately trying to compete with the monopoly that Huy Fong enjoys. Most are a miserable failure, and many are blatantly bordering on trademark infringement with the use of roosters and other shit that’s really similar to Huy Fong’s logo, look and bottle style.

Fix is not one of those competitors. They have embraced their own bottle style and logo. But more importantly, they have created a taste that rivals Huy Fong, if not matches it completely.


This stuff is good. It has a pleasing taste, with a good, strong, lingering heat. It’s not too salty or garlicky, and the bottle style is great because the sauce doesn’t get gunked up in the nozzle the way it does with Huy Fong. Fix’s wider opening allows for easier, non-squirt bottle pouring. The wider dispenser is welcomed, too, because we all love to douse our food with this shit. But the cool thing is that it simultaneously solves the problem of getting rid of the sauce crud build up that is so common with Huy Fong.


One could even go so far as to say that it “FIXes” the problems that consumers have with Huy Fong. Get it? Wow. I’m good.


Finally, another benefit you get with Fix is the fact that their stuff is made with organic peppers, without artificial ingredients and without processed foods. You can count the ingredients on one hand! Not that it matters to me, because I don’t care about that stuff… but like I said, the flavor is on point, so if this stuff matters to you, then Fix is a product upon which you should keep your eyes.


In any case, I recommend this product if you’re looking to avoid the Huy Fong price surge that’s been happening, or if, like me, you aren’t a big fan of the Huy Fong bottle style and dispenser. You can get your fix with Fix. Hayooooo!

True Made Foods Sauces

True Made Foods makes some awesome sauces and ketchup. The sauces are naturally sweetened by using other vegetables in the process instead of added sugars. This brilliant idea was conceived by one of the co-founders who was attempting to hide healthy foods in her husband’s meals. He loved it so much that he launched the ketchup product with an entrepreneur friend.


As you can see below in the next pic, each bottle contains spinach, squash and carrots in the mix. Not only does this add natural sweetness, but it also helps create a nice thick texture that eats with significant substance for a sauce.


The ketchup is absolutely delicious, as a result. No longer is your ketchup merely a condiment for your hot dog or burger. It becomes a topping, just as important as your onions or cheese: That’s what I mean to convey when I say that it has substance to it.

The Veracha is a thick, chili paste type of sauce that’s reminiscent of sri-racha, only thicker and less salty. But the BBQ sauce is truly something to behold. This stuff is sweet, spicy, thick and has serious depth. It takes a lot for get me psyched about BBQ sauce. Most brands out there just don’t do anything for me. But after tasting this, my love of BBQ sauce was renewed.


Here’s a shot of the nutritional info for your perusal.


And here’s a shot of Abe (left) and Kevin (right) from the 2016 International Restaurant & Foodservice Show, where I was able to taste all of this delicious shit, and even bring some home.