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The Turkey Cake

This is just a quick photo dump of my wife‘s insane turkey cake that she made this year for Thanksgiving. Not only does the turkey itself look real, with realistic looking roasted skin an all, but she made side items like broccoli, cauliflower, grapes, lemons, berries, carrots, peas, sage leaves and stuffing as well. Unreal.

















Underneath the delicious marshmallow fondant skin was a really soft and moist vanilla layer cake with vanilla frosting. Mmmmm.


The Ramen Cake

As you may recall, my wife The Cake Dealer made me an amazing steak cake for my birthday a while back. This year, since I was on a big ramen kick, she made me a ramen cake. Pretty fucking amazing. Check out the pics below:

ramen cake 037

ramen cake 007 (2)

ramen cake 005

ramen cake 001

ramen cake 030

ramen cake 029 (2)

ramen cake 027 (2)

ramen cake 020

ramen cake 013 (2)

ramen cake 012 (2)

ramen cake 006

ramen cake 003

ramen cake 2 008 (2)

And it was fucking delicious. I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

Johnny Prime & The Cake Dealer: 15 Minutes of Fame

This week on Thursday August 14th the New York Times featured an article on our move from Long Island back to NYC.

Here’s a quick screen grab of the website:

NYT Article


48" New SportsMonday

And some scanned images of the hard copy, which came out in print on Sunday August 17th:

NYT Article Scan

“For once, no wacky face,” one friend said about me. Haha!

The Steak Cake

No: this is not a real steak. Yes: this is cake.

I have the pleasure of being married to a baker. She goes by the name “The Cake Dealer.” When I first started this blog, she was pretty well into her baking hobby. She was asking me what kind of cake I wanted and I suggested a cake that looks like a steak. It’s only fitting, right?

Well this is what she came up with. A perfectly grilled medium rare porterhouse with a side of mashed potatoes and string beans. Unbelievable.

steak cake 028

The mashed potatoes are made from mashed up vanilla cake mixed with vanilla frosting, and topped with a slightly melted-looking yellow square of fondant as the butter:

steak cake 017

The green beans are shaped from green fondant:

steak cake 019

When I said medium rare inside I wasn’t fucking kidding. It’s strawberry cake, nice and pink all the way through, but it still maintains nice grill marks on top with a healthy sear (brown fondant with lines made from food coloring):

steak cake 048

The details are where this piece really shines though. That t-bone is absolute perfection. It looks like it is REAL and glistening. Made from fondant as well. And on top there is black and white sugar to look like kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper.

steak cake 033

Not only did it LOOK amazing, but it TASTED amazing too. The fondant was made from marshmallows, so it didn’t have that grainy, chalky texture that is always disgustingly sweet. The cake was soft, light and moist. Man, I fucking love my wife.

To see more of her amazing creations, like her cake that looks like a burger, fries, and a shake (below), go to HER WEBSITE.