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Trader Joe’s Truffle Salami

At $5 a chub this is probably one of the best deals you can find for any sort of truffle salami on the market.


While this isn’t a dry or hard type of product (typically aged and very robust in flavor), it still delivers a huge wallop of intensity.


Again, I reiterate… FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS. These things fly off the shelves at Trader Joe’s. Last October (2015) they were already sold out for the year. Since then I have been constantly checking back and calling to see when they’d be back on the shelf. I’m glad I capitalized on the opportunity when I saw them and picked up four chubs. That should last a few weeks.


I recommend you try these. I’ll be using one for a nice homemade pizza in the near future, but these babies are great just sliced thin and on their own.


Once again Trader Joe’s comes through with a big bargain win.


Trader Joe’s Chianti Salami

This round of tubed meat comes from Trader Joe’s again – this time a Chianti salami.


This “wet” salami has a lightly sweet flavor due to the wine infusion, but comes heavy with garlic and fattiness.


This stuff melts in your mouth when sliced thin and peeled off the outer skin casing. I am actually considering frying some up with broccolini, asparagus or brussels sprouts. It would even make a nice gourmet pizza topping as well. But it is a solid standalone snack cold from the fridge as well.


Columbus Salame Secchi

I just posted another salami review where I noted that Trader Joe’s always hits the mark, it seems, in providing high quality for low cost. This Columbus brand “Salame Secchi” is no exception:


This was mild and lean, hard and dry.


It sliced easy and had a great, slightly sweet flavor to it.


I initially went to Trader Joe’s to try their truffle salami, but they were all out. I picked this up, along with the Volpi sopressata, just because I was craving hard meat (commence jokes).


I was definitely happy with the purchase. This style ran me $8 for 9oz. That’s not bad at all.

Volpi Sopressata

Once again Trader Joe’s offers up a high quality product for low cost. This Volpi brand log of Italian style sopressata cost me only $5 for 8oz, and I was thoroughly pleased:



It had a peppery flavor, not too lean and not too fatty.


It was a wet style salami, as opposed to dry and super hard. This was a bit softer, easier to slice than other hard, cured meats:



I highly recommend, plus it hails from St. Louis, a known meat town.


Trader Joe’s Snacks

In addition to its jerky products, Trader Joe’s makes some great and wallet-friendly snacks. I’ve chosen to highlight three of them here in one review.

First is the Giant Peruvian Inca Corn.


These are under $2 a bag, and are essentially giant corn nuts that are lightly salted.


They’re light, and fulfilling. Very easy to just keep popping one after another, all night long.


Next is the Baked Jalapeño Cheese Crunchies.


These come regular style too, orange colored, but the jalapeño gives it a mildly spicy kick that’s just a bit nicer overall. These are also under $2 per bag.


The flavor is light, not overly cheesy. There’s utterly no grease, since these are baked instead of fried. Great snack.


Finally, these Roasted Plantain Chips are amazing.


The light dusting of salt on them cuts their natural sweetness. They’re thick cut too, so you feel like you’re eating a kettle cooked potato chip, only much healthier.


These are only about $1 or $1.20 a bag, so get a bunch of them to stock up. Trust me; you’ll go through them like crazy, and they’re way better and cheaper than the plastic tubs that sell for about $8 for a similar amount at Whole Foods.