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Ascend Jerky

Ascend makes a really tasty Thanksgiving Turkey flavored jerky.

This bag contained three servings at 80 calories a pop.

I ate the whole thing during lunch with a few other low calories snacks and veggies, and was completely satisfied for the whole day, through to dinner.

Really tender, and great “autumnal” flavor that incorporates all the herbs and spices you associate with a Thanksgiving feast. Highly recommended.

Perky Jerky

This turkey jerky is pretty nice. At just 80 calories per serving, it’s super healthy and satisfying too.

This is just a half serving pack (40 calories). I liked the Jamaican spice flavors on it. It was tender too. Solid brand.

Sweetwood Jerky

Sweetwood Jerky Co makes a really nice, tender, sweet and spicy beef jerky.

I was really happy with this one. Look at the pepper seeds! But that spice was nicely balanced by the sweet, so it didn’t blow up my taste buds. I highly recommend.

Field Trip Jerky

My wife and I came across this jerky at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market the other day.


We sampled a few flavors and picked out our top three for purchase; they were offering three bags for $20. This seems to be pretty average pricing for jerky, which is expensive in general (especially for the good shit).


So we picked up cracked pepper turkey jerky, which is nice and tender, really flavorful and addicting. Probably our favorite.



The second was this crushed chili flake turkey jerky, which had a good spice level to it and also very tender.



Last was the spiced honey beef, which was sweet with a hint of spice at the end.



All very good. I recommend this if you see it. Grab a pack! The cracked pepper turkey is my favorite of the three.

Krave Jerky

My buddy picked up a pair of jerky bags and shared them with me. Once again I preferred the turkey jerky to the beef in this taste lineup of lemon garlic turkey vs pineapple orange beef.


Both the texture and the flavor of the turkey variety seemed better to me, though the beef was indeed tender.


I thought I’d like the pineapple orange beef more. Perhaps it needed a spicy element. The lemon garlic turkey had a kick from the cracked black pepper that was on it.

Some more flavors I picked up:




Here we go: first up is chili lime beef. This was pretty good. It is somewhat similar to the chili garlic, but a bit brighter from the citrus. Definitely liked the spice level and the texture was soft and tender.



Next up was basil citrus turkey. Once again I find that i like the non-beef meats better in jerky form for some reason. No idea why that is, but this flavor was spot on: you get that great herby basil flavor and the brightness of citrus in each bite.



Next was lemon garlic turkey, which I already reviewed above.



Then came this black cherry barbecue pork jerky. I had high hopes of this one but it fell flat on flavor. I’m hoping that it was just an errant piece that didn’t absorb a lot of flavor for whatever reason. I will report back if the remainder of the bag is better.



Continuing through the color wheel was this red bag of chili garlic beef jerky. This was distantly similar to the asian style dry jerky products that I know and love so much. Big winner here. And the pieces of tender beef are really large, so that’s good too.



Grilled sweet teriyaki pork was very nice, and a great texture. A worthy selection in the jerky game.



Last was this sweet chipotle beef. Here, the pieces were even BIGGER than the chili garlic slabs. This had a nice mild flavor that will please any jerky connoisseur.



Fusion Jerky

I’ve been chowing on jerky lately. I keep finding good new shit. My wife and I grabbed these on an impulse purchase at Bed Bath & Beyond, of all places. I suppose these are considered part of the “beyond” section. Anyway, bastards, these are really freaking delicious. Lemon pepper chicken and island teriyaki pork jerky by Fusion Jerky. Pick up a bag if you see them. There was a spicy chipotle beef flavor as well. Should have gotten all three.

fusion jerky

The meat wasn’t too chewy, like some jerky can be. For the chicken, that might have been because it doesn’t have the same fibrous consistency as beef. But the pork was pretty easy to chew as well. The flavors were intense but not overpowering. I couldn’t stop shoveling this crap into my body.

Update: This flavor was great too.