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I’ve been a little bit bummed out about the kiosks available at TurnStyle, the semi-new food hall located underground at the Columbus Circle subway station. It seems to be mostly coffee, candy and merchandise. I had high hopes for a Chinese noodle joint, but that spot turned out to be pre-packaged sushi and poke bowl counter.

Doughnuttery was a failure for me, as most of the toppings taste similar and the very small doughnuts are a buck each.

Bolivian Llama Party is a different story. This place is serving real food; not some pre-packaged bullshit.

Saltenas, in particular, are their specialty. They’re similar in form to empanadas but they differ in style. They typically consist of a soupy filling and a slice of hard boiled egg inside of a baked outer crust.

BLP case

BLP open

They also offer sliders, sandwiches and interesting drinks.

BLP sandwiches

Their Triple Pork sandwich is amazing!


Another spot I tried out is MeltKraft. This is also definitely worth a trip to Turn-Style.


The kiosks and stores will turn over every so often, making way for more restaurants and shops. Overall this place has a few great spots to eat and shop, but hopefully there will be more soon.

1000S 8th Ave
New York, NY 10019


The Somerset is a really nice grilled cheese sandwich that’s available at MeltKraft, down in the Turn-Style food hall at Columbus Circle. I got to try this when I was invited to a PR event to promote Turn-Style and all the shops within.


What’s so special about it? Melted gruyere, cured ham, cornichon, pickles and grain mustard. The version pictured here has some added prosciutto, because why the fuck not?


It also pairs up nicely with the tomato soup, which has a nice herbaceous kick to it from the fennel.

TurnStyle Food Hall
1000S 8th Ave
New York, NY 10019