Terakawa (Hell’s Kitchen)

The Hell’s Kitchen version of this joint is slightly better, in my opinion, than the Flatiron spot. Admittedly, though, went to the Flatiron spot after eating Maialino’s “Roman Ramen,” so I may have to go back there another time, as my taste buds may have been spoiled by the awesomeness at Maialino.

There is seating only for 11 or 12 people. At times there is a short line, but nothing too insane.

The food here is very cost friendly, and the portions are generous. I haven’t had a bad bowl yet, though I still give the edge to Menkui-Tei in this ‘hood for personal preference.


Shoyu ramen:


Another bowl of Terakawa ramen:


The Ma-Yu black garlic ramen is MUCH better here than at the flatiron location. Beautiful.


The “whopper” bowl is amazingly huge. It comes with tons of wavy egg noodles, all the fixings from the Terakawa ramen (ginger, mushrooms, LOTS of sliced pork, scallions, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts), the black garlic oil seasonings from the Ma-Yu ramen, a full boiled egg and fresh cabbage. This is a fuckload of food to eat for only $14!!! The shit was mounded high like a mountain peak, and nearly overflowing.


On a subsequent visit, I was happy to see that the restaurant switched from the circular pork roll style meat to legit slab pork belly. They also swapped the noodles in the massive “whopper” bowl to a larger, thicker noodle that was a nice, welcome change!





885C 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019