The Ramen-ate-r

This page is a review collection of all the ramen that I’ve blasted through my digestive system, harder and faster than Arnold with a sawed-off shotty on a motorcycle in T2.

T2 Ramen final 2
The Ramenator

Hasta la vista, baby. I guess you can call this the “ramen cleanse diet” portion of the website.

To get your belly primed for what ensues below, take a look at this awesome short film called “Ramen Dreams:”

And then check out my extremely thorough article that details the various styles of ramen. The synopsis is that you need to take into account (1) the broth base and thickness/heaviness: typically fish, chicken, pork, beef or some combination thereof is used to create the stock/broth, and then it is either strained off to be thin, or allowed to thicken into a stew-like consistency; (2) the method of seasoning the broth: typically Shio (sea salt), Shoyu (soy sauce), or Miso (fermented bean paste); (3) the noodles: Dry? Fresh? Alkaline noodles? Egg noodles? Wavy? Straight?; and (4) the toppings: sliced pork, pork belly, beef, ground meat, chicken, fish, fish cakes, shrimp, nori, veggies, mushrooms, spices… it all gets considered.

Side item: If you want to see something really amazing, check out the ramen cake that my wife made for me for my birthday. She rules!

The Ramen Cake
ramen cake 001

Now… Slurp your face off and enjoy the ride, dickbags.

  1. Ajisen
  2. Bassanova
  3. Donburiya
  4. The Fat Monk
  5. Hinata
  6. I Noodles
  7. Ippudo Westside
  8. Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop
  9. Jack’s Sliders & Sushi
  10. Jin (Harlem)
  11. Jin (UWS)
  12. Kiku
  13. Katsu-Hama
  14. Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns
  15. Kuro Obi (at City Kitchen)
  16. Maialino’s “Roman Ramen”
  17. Mei-Jin
  18. Menchanko-Tei
  19. Menkui-Tei
  20. Mentoku
  21. Minca
  22. Miss Lily’s 7A “Jerk Ramen”
  23. Mokbar
  24. Momosan
  25. Mr. Taka
  26. Nippori
  27. Ochado
  28. Puff Cha Ramen
  29. Ramen Setagaya
  30. Ramen Takumi
  31. Ramen-Ya
  32. Ramen Yebisu
  33. Roki Le Izakaya
  34. Sapporo
  35. Star Noodle (Hawaii)
  36. Tabata
  37. Takashi
  38. Talde (Thanksgiving Ramen)
  39. Terakawa (Flatiron) (CLOSED)
  40. Terakawa (Hell’s Kitchen)
  41. Totto (Midtown West)
  42. Totto II (Hell’s Kitchen)
  43. Yasha
  44. Zippy’s (Hawaii)
  45. Zundo-Ya

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