Tux-Con NYC

My buddy and I recently came up with a concept to rally together NYC’s classiest and most well-dressed folks for a day of martini drinking and fancy-pants conversation. Tux-Con is meant to be NYC’s classy, warm-weather answer to Santa-Con. Think of it like this: Bruce Wayne is throwing a block party / bar crawl. We are going to start at the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central, hit a few other joints along the way, and then circle back up to end at The Oyster Bar in Grand Central for a classy meal to close out the loop. Most likely it will be on Saturday May 9th, but nothing is set yet. Men wear tuxes, black suits, fancy pinstriped attire, etc. Women wear gowns, dresses, etc. If you’re interested, check out the website for updates, or follow us on Facebook. This shit is going to be legit!

tux con square

Keep an eye out for the invite cards too. We’ll be passing them around any chance we can get.


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  1. This just screams class!. Wish I could have attended. I’m in South Africa though so the commute would be a bit much. Hope it was a great success. See you had another one in April this year. Keep up the great class.

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