Zabb Elee

This Thai joint serves up “isan” style Thai food, which is generally saltier, spicier and more pungent with ingredients like fish sauce than the typical sweet Thai places you see around town. They still serve up an amazing sweet Thai iced tea, though:


This first plate is crispy beef with a tangy hot sauce. These were very similar to the dish I tried at Thai Select in Thai Town.


The Tom Yum soup was very good. It had a great acid base from the tomatoes, and it was spicy. The mix of seafood was fish balls, shrimp and squid.


Below was a crispy pork belly dish. This was heavily fish-sauced and spicy. It was really nice.


This platter below contained various meats, like head cheese, crispy pork, pork rinds, noodles and cabbage.


75 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10003