The Cut

Congratulations, asshole! You’ve managed to navigate to my favorite part of the website, where I’ve broken down my reviews by cut. Click on the cuts below to jump out to specific pages dedicated to each. There, I have listed all the places I’ve eaten said cut, with a rating and a link out to the full restaurant review.

The Porterhouse

The big T-bones, usually shared among a few diners. A steakhouse classic since steakhouses have been in existence, it contains both tenderloin and strip loin cuts, one on each side of the bone.

The Filet Mignon

For the lady, or the weak and scrawny gentleman, this lump of tenderloin is the leanest and softest of major steakhouse cuts.

The NY Strip

Strip loin has a bit more texture to it, and usually some nice marbling throughout. As a child, these were my favorite cuts of steak.

The Rib Eye

The true steak connoisseur’s steak, the rib eye is the steak that’s said to have the most flavor and most marbling. My favorite.

Other Cuts & Preparations

This is where I talk about shit that I eat less often, like skirt steak, hanger steak, or unique shit like Bowery Meat Company’s “Bowery Steak,” which is a collection of several fat caps from rib eye steaks that have been tied together and cooked as one. I’ve also included prime rib in here, since it’s roasted and therefore not quite the same as a traditional rib eye steak.

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