Non-Steakhouse Steaks

Sometimes when you’re on the prowl for food you end up in a regular restaurant instead of a steakhouse. But don’t fret, my meat minions. I’ve compiled a list below of restaurants that serve up some steaks in addition to what’s on their regular menu. I’ve written quick blurbs and included photos of the particularly good ones. I’ve even tried to assign a number rating out of 10 for you bastards, as a combination of flavor and quality.

  1. The Ainsworth: 8/10 (Chelsea)
  2. The Anthony: 8/10
  3. A.O.C.: 6/10
  4. Atoboy: 9/10
    DSC07840While this baby is a little small, it packs a lot of flavor and is incredibly delicious. Marinated with kiwi prior to cooking, it takes on a tenderness that rivals wagyu.
  5. The Back Room at One57: 8/10
  6. Bar Boulud: 8/10
  7. B.B. King’s: 7/10
  8. Beautique: 9/10
    Really nicely done skirt steak at this place. I was surprised at how tender and juicy it was all the way through. No harrowing, fatty chew like you can sometimes experience with a skirt.
  9. Bedford & Co.: 8/10
  10. Bespoke Kitchen: 8/10
  11. Betony: 8/10 (CLOSED)
  12. Bill’s Food & Drink: 9/10 (CLOSED – Now “Bill’s Townhouse”)
    This joint used to have a larger steak selection on their menu, and used to actually put itself forth as a steakhouse. They’ve since trimmed down their choices, but what they do offer is excellent. Often times you can find a Groupon deal for this place too, with which you can sample their strip steak.
  13. Bistro du Nord at North End Grill: 9/10
    wp-1484147857983.jpgThis baby was available on a pop-up menu at North End Grill, but the cuts of steak that are normally prepared by Chef Korsh are top notch. Get one!
  14. The Black Derby: 8/10
  15. Bo Caphe: 7/10
  16. Bocca: 9/10
    dsc00789-fixedThis black angus hanger steak from Creekstone Farm is truly incredible. It is served with wild mushrooms, and this really kicks the earthy flavors of the beef into high gear.
  17. Bohemian: 6/10; 7/10; 9/10; 10/10 – various cuts
    DSC04107-2This secretive little joint in the back of a butcher shop offers several off-cuts of wagyu beef, but you have to know which cut to order to suit your particular tastes.
  18. Brasserie 8.5: 8/10
  19. Burger & Barrel: 10/10
    DSC05308This fucking place is ridiculous. They serve a prime rib dinner for four or more people at $68/pp, and you get a fucking shitload of food, aside from the incredible roasted prime rib. When it comes out to the table, before slicing, it looks like something you might see at a Viking feast. It’s fucking amazing. Do yourself a favor and go there. Side note: this is the same ownership as Bowery Meat Company. They must be doing something right!
  20. Butter: 8/10
  21. Ca Va: 8/10
  22. Cafe D’Alsace: 8/10
  23. Cafe Istanbul: 6/10
  24. Circo: 5/10; 7/10 (various cuts)
  25. The Clocktower: 9/10
    DSC01547 clocktower
    This 40oz cote de boeuf is beautifully seared and comes with potatoes and green beans. A serious contender in the world of NYC’s large format rib eye steaks.
  26. Corkbuzz Wine Studio: 7/10
  27. Crispo: 8/10
  28. David Burke Fabrick: 5/10 (CLOSED)
  29. Decoy: 8/10
  30. El Toro Blanco: 8/10
  31. EN Japanese Brasserie: 10/10
    dsc08983This SoHo joint now offers Hida Beef, a special variety of top notch Wagyu that just debuted in the American Market. It’s a real treat, so go get some while you can.
  32. Fish Bar: 5/10
  33. Flame: 7/10
  34. Fushimi: 8/10
  35. Harvest: 9/10
    DSC06489Whether you go with the porterhouse or the skirt steak, you’re going to have an amazing meal overlooking a gorgeous pond at the end of Long Island.
  36. The House: 6/10
  37. Inakaya: 8/10
  38. Jubilee: 8/10
  39. Kefi: 3/10
  40. Koa’s Seaside Grill: 6/10 (Hawaii)
  41. L’Express: 6/10
  42. La Sirene: 10/10
    The “Tournedos Rossini,” which is filet mignon, topped with fois gras, truffles and a shallot/port wine reduction sauce, was nothing short of decadent. I was thoroughly impressed. For a non-steakhouse, this place does an excellent job with the world’s most prized and sought-after beef cut. Bravo!
  43. Lahaina Grill: 8/10 (Hawaii)
  44. Le Cirque: 10/10
    The skirt steak at Le Cirque is hands down one of the best preparations of that cut of beef I have ever tried. Well played!
  45. Le Rivage: 9/10
    DSC02825A Creekstone Farms/Pat LaFrieda 62-day dry aged masterpiece is available, and Chef Paul Denamiel executes with perfection.
  46. Le Village: 8/10
  47. Little Frog: 7/10
  48. Machiavelli: 7/10
  49. Maialino: 8/10
  50. Marea: 8/10
  51. Marc Forgione: 10/10
    Many of you might be aware that Iron Chef Marc Forgione recently opened his chain of “American Cut” steakhouses, but not everyone is aware of the rib eye for two at his flagship “Marc Forgione” restaurant in Tribeca. It’s lathered in marrow butter and dressed with a chimichurri sauce that’s so good you’ll want to bathe your testes in it. Also: a real man can take it down by himself. No sharing!
  52. Megu: 8/10
  53. Metropolis: 7/10
  54. Minetta Tavern: 9/10
    Cote de boeuf. Unreal. This thing is massive, and it comes with two huge planks of beef femur that have been machine-cut long ways, so you can scoop the marrow out of its bony trough and spread it all over your balls… or your meat and bread, or whatever. It’s a pricey item at $145, but “for two” is a loose term. I think this is enough to serve three, unless you’re really packing on the blubber in anticipation of a brutal winter.
  55. Momofuku Ssam Bar: 9/10
    Momofuku Ribeye 031
    The large format rib eye here at Momofuku Ssam Bar is meant to feed a small army of meat maniacs. If you’ve got a psychotic appetite like I do, then four people should do it. The steak itself weighs in at 107oz, but you get some sides with it like fries, salad, etc. And while you may have so much hair on your chest and balls that you think you can probably take it down with just two or three people, the restaurant might actually require that you have four. Bummer. But let me tell you: this bitch is really good.
  56. Monsieur Paul: 8/10 (Disney)
  57. Montmartre: 7/10 (CLOSED)
  58. Natsumi Tapas: 8/10
  59. Oro: 7/10
  60. Osteria Morini: 10/10
    DSC03085Get the 52oz 120-day dry-aged Pat LaFrieda/Creekstone Farms rib eye. They only offer it on the first Wednesday of each month, and there are only seven steaks available for this unique offering. It comes with two sides and it is the best steak I’ve ever had in my whole fucking life.
  61. Pasquale Jones: 7/10
  62. Petrossian: 10/10
    DSC07451The strip topped with bone marrow and caviar is one of the most unique and decadent preparations of steak I’ve ever tasted.
  63. Philip Marie: 6/10
  64. Pig Bleecker: 10/10
    This baby is both aged AND smoked. The unique flavors will knock your damn socks off. I guarantee it.
  65. The Pines: 10/10
    Whether you go with the unique blade steak or the special, super dry aged rib eye pictured above, you will not be disappointed.
  66. Piora’s Secret Steak: 10/10
    This maple-glazed hunk of heaven is a great way to impress some guests by ordering something “not listed on the menu.” The flavor is unique; sweet, yet savory. You’ll dig it – I promise.
  67. PJ Clarke’s: 6/10
  68. Ponty Bistro: 7/10
  69. Sauvage: 9/10
    This 52-day dry-aged tomahawk chop hails from Niman Ranch and is processed by DeBragga Meats in the northeast. It is truly a wonderful cut of beef!
  70. Sea Grill: 7/10
  71. Sel et Poivre: 7/10
  72. The Shakeseare: 9/10
    DSC07191Be sure to choose the roast beef at The Shakespeare’s weekend brunch, rather than the chicken or pork options. And use copious amounts of horseradish cream on top. It will knock your fucking socks off!
  73. The Smith: 6/10
  74. The Tang: 8/10
  75. Tavern on the Green: 8/10
  76. Tutti Matti: 6/10
  77. Tweed’s: 8/10
  78. Vai: 8/10
  79. Vaucluse: 8/10
  80. Via Quadronno: 7/10
  81. Yerba Buena: 6/10 (LES)

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