Flash Deals

If you’re not familiar with what a flash deal is, let me educate you.

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Flash deals are essentially coupons that you can buy to use towards a restaurant. For example: you may be able to buy a flash deal for $10 that allows you to spend $25 on food and drink at a particular restaurant. Or you can maybe buy a four course dinner for two at a discounted price from the usual menu price. Websites like Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local offer such deals. It’s a great way to save a few bucks on meals. I’ve provided you with links to some of the steak deals you can get HERE already. Check them out. Some I’ve tried, some I haven’t (or I did, but I didn’t bother to write about them and supplement my pre-existing steakhouse reviews).

Make sure you read the fine print on these deals, open up external links for menus, etc. Some places try to scam you out of extra tax, charge additional service fees, try to spring a different menu on you, or they limit the days and/or hours during which you can use the coupon. It’s always helpful to know the law on taxes for these things, and to thoroughly read before buying.

Anyway, NYC lacks a good, targeted source of reviews that specifically chronicle or discuss these flash deals. That’s where your old pal Johnny Prime comes in. I’ve created a nice catalog of joints where I took advantage of a flash deal at some point. Below is an alphabetical list of these restaurants. Note, however, that some places have been visited a few times, so you may have to read closely to parse the flash deal meal from the other meals I’ve had. Typically I try to delineate wherever possible. Another thing is that the specifics of the deal may have changed since I went, or the deal may no longer be offered. Some items may be limited, or the cost and actual values may have changed.

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