Beefbar overall score: 90

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Beefbar is a global upscale steakhouse that obviously focuses on the glory of beef. They have locations all over the fanciest places in Europe, and one just landed at the old Nobu space in Tribeca. I was zipping around on my bike last summer when I saw the signage and became interested in what it was all about. Fast forward six months and here I am: attending a friends and family event a week before they open to the general public. I was pretty excited to check this place out, and I’m pretty excited to write about it, too. So here we go…

Flavor: 9

We had the center cut rib eye, which, if you don’t know what that means, its generally a loin side (not chuck side) cut of rib eye which eats and looks very similar to a strip steak, and has minimal if any rib eye cap (hold your criticism for just a moment).

This was definitely a wagyu cut of some sort, because the tenderness and marbling was magnificent, buttery, and delicious.

It had a great spice rub over it, adding a smokiness to the crust. I didn’t get a ton of aged flavor on it, but nevertheless I really liked it, and it was cooked perfectly to medium rare.

We also tried the robata “spicy beef,” which is a habanero-sauced rib cap served with crispy herbs (enter the rib eye cap!). This comes propped up over an occasionally smoking charcoal grill made from a copper kettle pot.

Here’s some of the sexy smoke. Every so often, something drips onto the hot charcoal inside the kettle and smokes up the whole area for a little bit. It smelled so awesome!

This was fun, unique, interactive and delicious. The habanero wasn’t too spicy, however, and it could have benefitted from a little bit of finishing salt. On the flip side, this was one of the most fun and original steakhouse menu items I’ve had in years.

Choice of Cuts & Quality Available: 9

There’s a good selection of cuts here, and I imagine there will be even more once the restaurant opens to the public and fully unleashes an unfettered menu. I saw porterhouses and other things hanging in the meat coolers, but not yet offered on the friends and family menu. All the meat is top notch quality USDA prime from Creekstone, domestic wagyu hybrid from Snake River, or real-deal Japanese wagyu from Hokkaido.

Portion Size & Plating: 8

Portions are a little bit on the small side, but that’s because you’re trading off bulk for quality and well trimmed cuts. This was similar at Catch Steak. I think there will be some larger format items available in the future as well. One of the guys that worked there even mentioned that they can get bone-in wagyu rib chops flown in from Japan on occasion.

Plating here is a little different than most flat white plate joints, or sizzling plate, lake-of-butter spots. I was digging the cast iron and kettle presentations for the items we ordered.

Price: 8

The prices here are very fair considering the quality, the overhead that the space must cost, and the large staff. I was expecting this bill to be closer to $500, but it was under $400.

I should also mention my tremendous gratitude for this being a comped meal for friends and family. I was blown away, and totally not expecting that!

Bar: 10

The bar here is big and beautiful. I’d love to just sit there and have some snacks next time.

We tried three different cocktails and they were all good. Their take on a martini was unique – blue cheese and beef fat washed vodka, with a grape as garnish.

Their smoked cocktail, “What the Doctor Ordered,” was a fantastic take on an old fashioned using reduced Dr. Pepper syrup for the sweet aspect.

Specials and Other Meats: 8

There were no real specials read to us, but I didn’t expect much from a steakhouse that just opened, or is streamlining for friends and family. As far as other meats go, you are relegated to seafood! This is Beefbar, after all. Not chicken bar.

Apps, Sides & Desserts: 9

We started with three really nice items. First was the incredible pastrami hamachi with slaw. This is a must order.

The “ham” is really a lightly cured beef carpaccio, served with some nice crispy cracker type papadum. I think this would benefit from some cracked black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, and flake salt. If you want to go extra, maybe some shaved white truffle.

Our last starter was the veal tartare. This was really mild and light, yet flavorful and with great texture.

We did the baby Brussels on the side with our mains. These were really nice. A balance of spicy and sweet.

For dessert we did the Beefbar take on tiramisu, with fresh ladyfinger cookies that have espresso poured over them, table side. They they are topped with pistachio cream and candied pistachios. Beautiful and delicious.

Seafood Selection: 9

There’s a nice amount of seafood here on the menu for a beef-focused restaurant. I highly recommend that hamachi dish from above, and based on how great that was, I can confidently give them a 9/10 for seafood.

Service: 10

Service was absolutely immaculate. Everyone came over to greet us, from server to CEO. I’m serious. It was incredible. If this is how they will operate on the day to day, they will be known all over the city for their professionalism and attention to customers.

Their table bread, in keeping with the bar theme, was this bowl of spicy and sweet snacks. I really enjoyed that, and it helped me save room for the meat!

Ambiance: 10

The interior is really beautiful and elegant. Super high ceilings make you feel like you’re dining with royalty. They really did a great job with the space, and the music was modern without being too loud or “party vibe.” Great spot!

I can’t wait to go back and try more items.

105 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013