Full Points For Flavor

This page is where you’ll find a collection of my restaurant and steakhouse reviews in which I awarded a full 10/10 points in the flavor department for whatever steak I happened to devour. These joints served up cuts of beef that were so damn good that I designed an award banner to give them!


However while they may have served up the most flavorful meats, that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily my favorite places to get a steak. To illustrate what I mean, let’s use an example. Let’s take a trip to the theater district, shall we? Gallagher’s steaks scored nine for flavor, but I’d go back there any day of the week over another trip to, say, E & E Grill House, for various non-flavor-related reasons. In total, Gallagher’s scores 95/100, while E & E scores 89/100.

But if flavor is all that you’re after, then this is the page you’ll want to add to your favorites list. Just scan the joints below and choose one. You won’t be disappointed with their steaks in terms of flavor. But if you’re into the whole experience like I am, then click the links below to jump out to each review. But keep in mind that this list also contains non-steakhouses as well as steakhouses. I’ve conveniently marked those for you with a parenthetical “(NS).”

  1. 4 Charles Prime Rib (NS – Prime Rib, Porterhouse, Rib Eye)
  2. 212 Steakhouse (certain cuts)
  3. Ai Fiori (NS)
  4. American Cut
  5. Antique Bar & Bakery (NS – Dirty Rib Eye)
  6. Angus Club (CLOSED)
  7. The Aviary (NS)
  8. Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf
  9. Bevy (NS)
  10. BLT Steak (57th Street)
  11. Blu on Park (CLOSED)
  12. Bluebird London NYC
  13. Bobby Van’s (East 54th Street)
  14. Bohemian (NS)
  15. Bowery Meat Company
  16. Carne Mare
  17. Catch Steak
  18. Costata (CLOSED)
  19. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle
  20. Delmonico’s
  21. Delmonico’s Kitchen
  22. Dylan Prime (CLOSED)
  23. E & E Grill House (CLOSED)
  24. EN Japanese Brasserie (NS)
  25. George Martin’s Strip Steak
  26. Greenwich Steakhouse (Cajun Rib Eye) (CLOSED)
  27. The Grill (Prime Rib)
  28. Hall’s Chophouse (Prime Rib)
  29. Holy Ground (NS – Wagyu Brisket)
  30. Keen’s
  31. Kimika (NS)
  32. La Sirene (NS)
  33. Lawry’s (Chicago)
  34. Le Cirque (NS) (CLOSED)
  35. Le Rivage (NS – Spinalis For Four)
  36. M. Wells Steakhouse
  37. Marc Forgione (NS)
  38. Mastro’s (Wagyu Tomahawk)
  39. Mister Paradise
  40. Nobu 57 (Kow Cattle Company Strip)
  41. Osteria Morini (NS)
  42. Petrossian (NS) (CLOSED)
  43. Pig Bleecker (NS) (CLOSED)
  44. The Pines (NS) (CLOSED)
  45. Piora (NS)
  46. Pomona (NS – Rib Eye, A5 Miyazaki)
  47. Primehouse (CLOSED)
  48. Quality Eats
  49. Quality Italian
  50. Quality Meats
  51. Salt + Charcoal (Miyazaki Sirloin)
  52. Shuraku: (NS – A5 Wagyu Tenderloin)
  53. STK Rooftop
  54. Strip House (downtown)
  55. Strip House (midtown)
  56. TAK Room (NS – Prime Rib)
  57. Tuscany Steakhouse (Cajun Porterhouse)
  58. Vaucluse (NS – Tomahawk)
  59. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse (Tribeca)

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