Prime’s Page of Parms

Welcome to Prime’s Page of Parms! Let this be your guide to all things flattened, fried and flooded with sauce and cheese.

Fuck it I’ll even include schnitzel and Milanese style preparations as well.

Click out on the links below for full reviews!

  1. Antique Bar & Bakery
  2. Atto Prime
  3. The Black Derby
  4. Cafe Fiorello
  5. David Burke at Bloomingdale’s (milanese) (CLOSED)
  6. Don Angie (milanese)
  7. Fig & Olive (milanese)
  8. Gallagher’s Steakhouse
  9. Greenwich Steakhouse (CLOSED)
  10. The Grill (schnitzel)
  11. I Trulli (milanese and parm)
  12. Il Tinello
  13. Isle of Capri
  14. Karvouna Mezze
  15. La Pecora Bianca
  16. Lincoln Square Steakhouse
  17. Maloney & Porcelli
  18. Mannino’s
  19. Maroni Hot Pots (milanese and parm) (CLOSED)
  20. Noi Due Carne (milanese)
  21. Ornella Trattoria
  22. Osteria Morini
  23. Patsy’s
  24. Quality Italian
  25. Ristorante Morini (milanese and parm)
  26. Ristoro del Cinghiale
  27. San Matteo Pizzeria e Cucina (milanese and parm)
  28. Trattoria Dell’Arte
  29. Tuscany Steakhouse (milanese and parm)
  30. Zio Ristorante (CLOSED)

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