Hillbilly Nachos

Hillbilly Nachos:

  • Cheap ass BBQ flavored potato chips
  • Left over coleslaw from a fried chicken dinner
  • Bacon or bacon bits (depending on your budget)
  • Easy cheese (spray-can, whipped-cream style cheese)

You’re fucking welcome.

Oh you wanted pictures? Are you kidding me? Look at the ingredients. Ask yourself: What would it look like? Probably very similar to what it’d look like in the toilet bowl. No pics this time, folks.

Actually… with the benefit of post-publish-editing, I can present to you an actual photo of this shit. Rod Budget, over at Hungry Dads, tried this recipe out. The Easy Cheese didn’t sit well with him, and he was not a fan of how the flavor of that product worked with the other items (despite his love and affection for Easy Cheese, mind you), but the combination of chips, coleslaw and bacon were a success, in his view.

hillbilly nachos