Prime vs Choice at the Grocery Store

I am a big proponent of getting prime cuts when it makes sense. Generally speaking, the difference in quality is outstanding. However, you have to be careful. Don’t buy blind at the grocery store. Look at the photo below. Choice is $14.99/lb and prime is $21.99/lb. The up-charge is primarily for more and better marbling. But look with your own eyes. Does that boneless prime rib eye on top look any more marbled or better than the bone-in choice rib eye? In this case, I might buy the choice cut, even though the prime cut has a bigger Spinalis / fat cap.


2 thoughts on “Prime vs Choice at the Grocery Store”

  1. I find that per unit of fat on a prime steak vs choice steak, the prime is some how more flavorful. Could the age of the cow be the other variable at work here?

    1. Fat translates directly into flavor, and that’s probably why a prime is more flavorful (prime has more fat). Generally the age of the animal is pretty much the same across all grain finished beef. When we get into grass finished they tend to be alive longer before reaching market weight for slaughter.

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