Ajisen Ramen

I don’t often review any restaurants besides steak joints, so this is something special. I like this joint even though it doesn’t score high marks. I ate here twice, with my second time being yesterday. The noodle bowls are great, tasty and filling. My wife and I tried the miso ramen, the Ajisen Deluxe + spicy (with sliced pork and tender rib), and the seafood ramen (the least tasty one of the three). The tender rib was the best part of the meal – very juicy. We also had some bubble tea, squid balls (yummy!) for an app, and the crispy tofu app (not very crispy at all). The sliced soft boiled egg served with each bowl is delicious. The bills came in under $30 each time.


136 W 28th St
New York, NY 10001